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The Motorised Power Rollers

move grand pianos over any surface, up staircases

motorised rollers
Effortless piano removal in total safety

The Klavier-Roller lifting and moving machine with its complementary equipment constitutes a unique and unrivalled concept.
The Klavier-Roller system truly allows a single man to move pianos effortlessly and in complete safety.
It can be used by anyone, even without any previous experience in piano handling and transportation.
Klavier-Roller is an essential tool for all who want to stop worrying about what pianos weigh or who wish to move their pianos themselves.

Motorised lifting system

Don’t lift your pianos any more!

How It works:

lifting system 1 => The system consists of two independent rollers positioned on both sides of the piano standing up on its adapted shoe.
piano loading 2 => Two lifting bars are positioned under the shoe through the lifting rings of each roller.
motorised lifting system 3 => The front and rear electric jacks will pull up the bars until they get locked into the V-shaped slots of the roller walls.

After loading, the rollers, shoe and piano are firmly attached together and form a compact and stable single unit.

Motorised moving system

Don’t carry your pianos any more!

With its 6 motorised, disengageable wheels, 2 central raisable wheels, a differential motor control and remarkable stability, the 2 assembled rollers constitute an all-terrain machine with impressive transporting and obstacle-clearing capabilities. All of this with amazingly easy-to-control and safe steering characteristics.

piano transportclimbing a staircaseloading in the van piano in a staircase

The rollers limits are climbing spiral stairways and pivoting 180° on a landing of less than 2 square metres.

The rollers are delivered with one 30 kg aluminium loading ramp and two non-skid 15 kg boards for stairway use (view Accessories).

Three models:

Technical specifications:

European patent nos. 0755841 and 0863092
US patent no. 08688721
Made in France