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How can I move my grand piano using the Klavier Roller lifting systems?

First, the tipping system, composed of a pivot and components designed to protect the piano, is used to place the piano on its side. The piano can then be moved using the motorized rollers or the K-Lift, depending on its configuration.

Other than the motorized rollers, are other solutions available that will enable me to easily move my piano on my own?

On flat, even ground, a grand piano can be moved with the K-Lift system, or an upright piano with the V-Lift system.

The stairs I must use are fragile, what should I do?

Regardless of the length or type of the staircase you must use, we offer wooden boards or aluminium ramps suitable for your needs. All of our boards and ramps are equipped with a protective coating that distributes the weight in order to protect the stairs, and more specifically the stair nosing.

Can the motorized rollers be used manually?

The motorized rollers can be moved manually on level ground using their handles. You can switch from manual steering to motorized steering at any time using the remote control.

I want to move an upright piano, can I move it using the motorized rollers?

An upright piano equipped with a V-Lift system can be transported manually on level ground using its trolley. The V-Lift system can also be combined with the motorized rollers to navigate slopes or stairs with your upright piano.

The path I must take is very uneven (pits, bumps, stones...), what can I do?

With the Klavier Roller motorized rollers, the height of the central wheels can be independently adjusted. You can thus adapt to the ground you must cover or the obstacles in your path while ensuring that your piano remains vertical at all times.

I have a very specific request (piano model, specific moving requirements, transportation of equipment other than a piano, etc.), are you able to accommodate it?

We will consider your needs and special requests. If necessary, we can produce custom products to meet your requirements. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

I don't live in France. Do you deliver to other countries?

We offer worldwide delivery! Klavier Roller has already won the loyalty of many clients throughout the world, including Europe, Japan, Canada and the Middle East.